Responses to the Inaugural Article on Othering & Belonging

Following the publication of the inaugural issue of Othering & Belonging, the editorial staff invited several very thoughtful colleagues to reflect on its lead article, “The Problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging.” The article engaged the crucial themes that spurred us to create this forum, and we asked our associates to speak to the degree to which john powell and Stephen Menendian’s arguments and insights align with their own experiences and the lessons of their own work. The writers had wide latitude to fashion their responses. A lawyer, an economist, a theologian, an educator and former journalist, and a grassroots organizer accepted the challenge. We think you will be pleased that they did. — The Editors

You Are Not AloneSusan Eaton

Embracing Ecological IntimacyAlex Mikulich

Othering and the Economics of InequalityDavid Clingingsmith

Compelling Diagnosis, Unclear PrescriptionDennis Parker

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