haas_institute_logoThe Othering and Belonging forum, which includes the new online and print publication Othering & Belonging: Expanding the Circle of Human Concern as well as our conference, reflects the broader vision and mission of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley to investigate and challenge social cleavages and hierarchies based on differential power, privilege, and access to resources.

The new Journal offers a comparative focus on different categories and axes of stratification and difference and emphasizes the dynamic interrelationship between them. The intent is to establish a broad, analytic framework by which distinct and overlapping forms of marginalization and inequality can be understood and challenged.

The Journal is also committed to a redrawing of the boundaries between the fields of academic research, policy analysis, the arts, and engaged practice. The Journal aims to underscore the crucial importance of integrating different fields of practice and scholarship in order to effectively challenge Othering, advance Belonging, and expand the circle of human concern.

Othering & Belonging features articles that look at specific forms of marginalization, but also emphasize the dynamic interrelationship between them. To this end, the journal aims to create and sustain a dialogue where, for example, a specific social problem (e.g., residential segregation, healthcare reform, incarceration) can be understood and examined by how it impacts different groups.

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